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What We Do

Modern Data Platform

Polymorphic Systems offers a modern data architecture combines the enterprise data warehouse with accelerated data acquisition and superior data analytics tools. Technologies like Azure and the Hadoop ecosystem enable you to be more productive and informed, and offers an important edge in the competitive environment of Big Data.

Predictive Analytics

Our lean analytics framework has been developed to meet exacting standards of adaptability, continuous improvement, and efficiency. Not only is Polymorphic’s framework agile, it’s also transparent, secure and scalable. Insightful access to data through our framework offers higher quality, lower-cost analytics – enabling marketing organizations to acquire more new clients in less time than ever before.

Data Visualization

Polymorphic Systems understands the importance of tailoring presentations to the needs of a specific audience using clear and understandable reports. Using our data visualization approach, Polymorphic holistically engages with your organization, combining our experience and creativity to fine-tune solutions that meet your needs. Our crisp, dynamic visualizations enable clients to deliver data to the right people at the right time.

Polymorphic on Big Data

“Big data alone isn’t the answer. Data by itself has no meaning.

“The real power of big data is in the transformation to information…and in information, we find understanding.”

Polymorphic on Big Data

“More data, handled properly, gives us the power to discover patterns within patterns.

“These patterns tell us about larger behaviors. These patterns tell us about new opportunties.”

Modern Data Platform

Increase Productivity. Be More Competitive. Gain an Edge.

Managing big data business intelligence requires a modern approach. That’s why the Polymorphic platform has been specifically designed to evolve beyond traditional per-source code development and rigid analytics configurations. With our unique blend of core components, data warehousing with Polymorphic is by far the most effective in terms of insight and effectiveness.

DQME facilitates automatic measurement, improvement, and data quality control by proactively identifying data quality issues and informing the owners with clarity and efficiency.

Data cartography provides users with clear visibility into data flows and dependencies. This, combined with a business-facing report built into our workflow, guarantees faster issue resolution.

The quality of data control and governance is substantially different at Polymorphic. Using our unified processing approach, data sources are acquired, staged, refreshed, validated, corrected, enriched, loaded, and analyzed – all based on a system of processing code that is shared, reusable, and managed from a a parametrized codebase, as opposed to inefficient custom coding approaches.

Our proven frameworks provide the right technology for the job so our clients don’t have to waste time reconfiguring obsolete package-handling workflows or spending unnecessary time phasing up-front data modeling from a new source development plan. The result for your firm is a dramatically decreased time-to-value ratio for any given integration.

Polymorphic on Big Data

“Big data does more than tell us about our reality.

“Big data tells us about other realities.”

Predictive Analytics

Agile. Transparent. Scalable. Secure.

Predictive Analytics should be practical and focused on providing actionable guidance for prescriptive modeling. With Polymorphic’s lean, agile analytics framework, clients can easily target the right customers using root insights and prediction engines synthesized from our effective data warehousing approach.

Our business-driven design offers analytics for every size organization, whether Fortune 500 or startup, we adapt to your needs. With open source, Spark in-memory ready frameworks, our prescriptive modeling analytics handle not only handles big data with ease, but also provides unique insights into the valuable small data by efficiently gathering and parsing new data as it arrives.

Defector Detector

This tool gives Polymorphic clients the ability to easily understand and manage customer churn. Powerful data analysis tools give you the insight to adapt to the needs of your client base.


Manage your teams better by using Polymorphic’s segmentation analysis tools to identify workers’ strengths, talents, and capabilities.


Moving beyond Hadoop’s schema-on-read concept, Polymorphic has increased the efficiency of the late-binding schema ETL processes typically used by NoSQL. Parametrized data query components ensure the attributes required for further processing exist in the specific data parcel, and are of the correct data types while providing additional security.

Standardized ETL Code

Our standardized codebase significantly reduces overall complexity of the platform, enables fast integration of new sources, and allows rapid iterative changes of the existing flows. Simple, easily-iterated configurations replace long development cycles, lowering both your costs and turnaround time.

Robust Data Governance

Polymorphic’s framework controls and identifies changes in data. Profiling, validation, and correction are embedded and configurable for each data source. A fully transparent data lineage supports traceability for each exposed data record improving security and problem identification.

Polymorphic on Big Data

“Ever get a new pair of glasses? The world instantly becomes sharp, clear, focused. You notice new details…

“Data visualization is a new pair of glasses for your data.”

Data Visualization

Business-Driven Design

A critical piece of our visualization approach is understanding the audience of our clients and tailoring visual information to their specific business needs.

Emphasis on Usability

At Polymorphic, we know visualizations must be easy to create as well as easy to understand. We know both the art and the science of creating powerful visualizations that accurately communicate your message, from color palette to finely-tuned interactions.

Guidance and Process

Polymorphic brings years of experience in combination with expertise in emerging technologies to help you find the maximal solution for your organization, including tools like IBM Cognos, D3.js, Tableau, and Microsoft’s PowerBI.

Polymorphic on Big Data

“Big Data doesn’t even begin to describe just how much data we now generate every single day.

“In that data are answers we need. Not just to thrive, but to survive.”

About Polymorphic Systems

Polymorphic Systems Incorporated was founded in 1995 to provide end-to-end IT services via industry and customer custom solutions, staff augmentation, IT consulting and outsourcing.

In recent years, our focus has evolved with the advent of the Internet of Things, Big Data, and other advancements. To this end, Polymorphic Systems began sponsoring and coordinating the Mid-America IT Club to promote interest and discussion about emerging technologies.

Recent presentations include:


Our staff of experienced technology, security and IT experts and managers can deliver:

  • Dedicated, short term and long term, IT consulting and interim management services
  • Custom solutions from due diligence through to systems-network-database strategy, architecture, development and integration
  • Key outsourcing needs such as performance monitoring-tuning, data architecture and data security
  • Staff augmentation in any IT and business area required by the customer

Whether a project demands applications, client-server, database, network, end-to-end security, systems or web expertise, we know that knowledge of a client’s industry is every bit as important as in-depth technology expertise. In the IT world, one-size does not fit all solutions. We know that timely and cost-effective custom development projects deliver the most successful business results.

Polymorphic Systems Incorporated offers a high-level of industry focused expertise in the Financial Services, Healthcare, High-tech, Insurance, Printing and Transportation industries. We specialize in helping our customers respond to current issues such as e-business, information-globalization, networking, security and privacy.

We are committed to building secure IT solutions with services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Polymorphic on Big Data

“Analyzing data doesn’t create only information.

“It shows us the evidence of our actions.”


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