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June 13, 2019 6:00PM The Mid-America Club

Hosted By Polymorphic Systems, Inc.

Topic Dear CEO: Failing Can Be Good (If Done Right)
Speaker C.J. Montano
When June 13, 2019‚ÄČ – 6:00PM
Where The Mid-America Club
80th Floor of the AON Center
RSVP or call 312.861.1100
C.J. Montano, Speaker

C. J. Montano is a Partner at Forté Group and Head of the company’s Global Services and Solutions business unit, which helps IT enterprise teams overcome large-scale engineering complexities and businesses develop key software solutions.

A former enterprise technology professional and successful entrepreneur, C.J. writes and talks about the teams and processes that make or break projects.

Change Must Go Deep

By now, we’ve all heard the mantra: fail fast, deliver faster. It sounds cool. Inventive. Innovative.

Except for that word failure.

Failure just doesn’t inspire the same degree of confidence as other words — like success. Mature organizations are not keen on failure. They’ve learned to avoid uncertainty, to be risk-adverse, to play it safe.

But this mindset can be at odds with the rapid pace of modern business.

Even though we know this is an essential part of this process, IT teams often find themselves called out for their failures, subjected to tighter reviews, monitoring and management, and faced with budget cuts or worse.

Consequently, implementing this methodology can parodoxically result in less innovation, longer delivery times, and more unreliable products.

Join Us and Learn to Fail Better

In this discussion, Forté Group’s C.J. Montano will address an often-neglected part of this process: changing the corporate culture. Relying on two decades of corporate IT experience, C.J. will share his proven strategies for bringing IT and the business closer together.

Learn not only why failing fast is essential to your business, but how to identify and remove potential roadblocks to implementing this process. Discover what you need to know to help your IT enterprise accelerate and evolve while remaining fresh and competitive.

About Forté Group

Forté Group is a full-service software delivery partner for mid-market and large enterprises looking to accelerate or evolve their IT engineering or build custom software. The company partners with technology and business leaders to deliver enterprise applications that unlock business value.

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